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  Vivian Winifred born Cir 1884, Attleborough, Norfolk died Y
  Walter James born Jun 1857, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk died Y
  Walter John born Cir 1859, Diss, Norfolk died Y
  Walter John born Cir 1886, Attleborough, Norfolk died Y
  Walter born Cir 1890, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk died Y
  William Samuel born Abt 1826 chr. 26 May 1826 died Y
  William Thomas born Jun 1846, Shipdham, Norfolk died Y
  William born Cir 1794, Wickmere, Norfolk died Y
  William born Cir 1752, Wickmere, Norfolk died 1842, Norfolk
  Gladys Rose born 4 Feb 1916, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk died Dec 2000, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
  Doris Lilian born Jun 1901, Sheerness, Kent died Y
  Elsie Winifred born 4 Jan 1904, Sheerness, Kent died 1971, Chatham, Kent
  Eric Thomas S. born 1 Aug 1905, Sheerness, Kent died Sep 1992, Swale, Kent
  Ivy Priscilla born Mar 1899, Sheerness, Kent died Sep 1900, Sheerness, Kent
  Thomas William born Mar 1870, Sheerness, Kent died Y
  Violet May born Jun 1897, Sheerness, Kent died Y
  Mary Ann born Cir 1863, Folkestone, Kent died 1938
  Eva Millicent born 25 Jul 1909, Keighley, West Yorkshire died Oct 1993, Gloucester, Gloucestershire
  Frances born Cir 1816, Rothbury, Northumberland died Y
  Alice born Cir 1874, Gillingham, Kent died Y
  Elizabeth Ella born Cir 1904, Ulmarra, NSW, Australia died 1988, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia
  Elizabeth Mary born Jun 1880, Drayton Parslow, Buckinghamshire died Y
  Ernest William born Cir 1876, Sutton Bridge Lincolnshire died 23 Feb 1936, Norfolk
  Florence Lilian M. born Cir 1880, Dover, Kent died Y
  Ronald S.
  William Gascoigne born Cir 1851, Mursley, Buckinghamshire died Y
  William John born Cir 1884, Drayton Parslow, Buckinghamshire died Y
  Phoebe born Cir 1801, Pontefract, Yorkshire chr. 15 Nov 1801, Pontefract, Yorkshire died 28 Oct 1884, York, Yorkshire
  Charles Edward born Cir 1857, Portsmouth, Hampshire died 1919
  Victor born Dec 1903, Portsmouth, Hampshire died Jun 1905, Portsmouth, Hampshire
  William born Cir 1906, Portsmouth, Hampshire died Y
  Sean Martin
  Stacey Ann
  Doreen L.
  Edith L. R. born Sep 1922, West Ham, Essex died Y
  Elizabeth Kathleen born Cir 1874, Cam, Kildare, Ireland died Y
  Elizabeth Mary born Cir 1861, Bellie, Morayshire, Scotland died 25 May 1952, Coronation Cottage, Spey Bay, Morayshire, Scotland
  Elizabeth died Y
  Elsie May born Abt 1885, Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland died 1979
  Ethel born 22 Mar 1922, Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia died 17 Aug 2001, Mater Hospital, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
  Ethel born Oct 1910 died 18 Apr 2003, Yorkshire
  George died Y
  Henrietta born 27 Mar 1899, Lake Shore, Utah, USA died 12 Apr 1977 bur. Spanish Fork, Utah, USA
  Jack born Mar 1928, West Ham, Essex died Y
  James Allen
  James G. born Mar 1921, West Ham, Essex died Y
  James William born Cir 1847, Essendon, Hertfordshire died 1914, St. Albans, Hertfordshire
  James born Cir 1870, Sutton, Surrey died Y
  Joan A. born Mar 1924, West Ham, Essex died Y
  Loraine born Cir 1923 died Y
  Mabel E.
  Merton George born Cir 1909 died Y
  Olive E. born Mar 1926, West Ham, Essex died Y
  Oscar died Y
  Pearl born 6 May 1909, Springville, Utah, USA died Y
  Ronald T. P.
  Samuel George died 1946
  Stella Ann Florence born Cir 1918 died Y
  Thomas Edward born Jun 1897, Hammersmith, London died Y
  Thomas Keith born Cir 1911 died Y
  William died Y
  Esther born Dec 1861, Bow, London died 15 Jul 1909, The Home Hospital, 16 Fitzroy Square, London
  Alice Dora born Sep 1878, Hanley, Staffordshire died Y
  Arthur Frederick born Sep 1883, Shelton, Staffordshire died Y
  Edrus born Cir 1635, Rothwell, Yorkshire chr. 7 May 1635, Rothwell Parish Church, Yorkshire died Y
  Elizabeth Jane
  Elizabeth born Cir 1632, Rothwell, Yorkshire chr. 2 Sep 1632, Rothwell Parish Church, Yorkshire died Y
  Elsie born 5 Feb 1882, Hope, Staffordshire died Mar 1883, Stoke upon Trent, Staffordshire
  Harold Ambrose born Jun 1880, Hanley, Staffordshire died Y
  Janet Mary born Cir 1933, Oxfordshire died Y
  Joshua born Cir 1844, Worsley, Lancashire died 1910, Stone, Staffordshire
  Kenneth George
  Maria born Cir 1629, Rothwell, Yorkshire chr. 4 Oct 1629, Rothwell Parish Church, Yorkshire died Y
  Mary Louisa born Dec 1876, Hanley, Staffordshire died Y
  Mary born Cir 1658, Hertfordshire died Y
  Thomas born Cir 1603, Rothwell, Yorkshire died Y
  Vincent Eyre born Sep 1888, Barlaston, Staffordshire died Y
  William Edward born Jun 1870, Grindleford Bridge, Derbyshire died Y
  Albert Henry born Cir 1872, Little Yorkshire, Wiltshire
  Albert Leonard
  Alice born Cir 1771, Hougham, Kent died Jul 1831, Hougham, Kent bur. 14 Jul 1831, Hougham, Kent
  Anthony Vincent
  Charles died Y
  Charles born Cir 1899, New Brompton, Kent died Y
  Elizabeth died Y
  Elspeth Olivia
  Esther born Cir 1828, Alkham, Kent died Y
  Florence Elizabeth born Cir 1866, Dover, Kent died Y
  Gertrude May born Cir 1905, Auckland, New Zealand died 1980, Manley, NSW, Australia
  Gertrude V. died Y
  Henry Walter born 29 Mar 1888, Ridgeway, Smeeth, Kent died 1947, 2 The Prios, Pound Lane, Kingsnorth, Kent bur. Kingsnorth Churchyard, Kent
  Henry born Cir 1849 died Y
  Joanne Carol
  John born Cir 1856, Thorpe, Norwich, Norfolk died Y
  Louisa born Cir 1880, Liddington, Wiltshire died 1888
  Margaret Ann born Cir 1885, Pietermeritzburg, Natal, South Africa died Y
  Mary Jane born Cir 1875, Wantage, Berkshire died Y
  Mary Loe
  Olive Hilda May born 23 May 1917, Grove Cottage, Aspinge, Newington Road, Cheriton, Kent died 1999, Woking Hospice, Surrey
  Patricia Mary
  Percy born Cir 1912, Doncaster, South Yorkshire died 1955, Doncaster Baptist Church
  Peter James
  Robert Charles born 23 Apr 1899, London died 14 Sep 1969, Essex
  Robert William born 14 Oct 1876, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany died 26 Dec 1898, Lambeth, London
  Roy Albert born 2 Sep 1940, Doncaster, South Yorkshire died Mar 2001, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
  Sarah Ann born Cir 1877, Stratton St. Margaret, Wiltshire died Y
  Stuart Ross
  Tracy Dawn
  William Charles
  William born Cir 1815, Raveningham, Norfolk died Bef 1881
  Unknown died Y
  Martha died Y
  Nicolas Steven Paul
  Skye Karren
  Alfred Charles born Cir 1870, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire died 1888, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
  Eleanor born Cir 1875, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire died Y
  Herbert born Cir 1881, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire died Y
  Rebecca born Cir 1877, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire died 1878, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
  Richard Edward born Cir 1868, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire died 1869, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
  Richard James born Cir 1872, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire died 1873, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
  Richard James born Cir 1867, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire died 1868, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
  Richard born Cir 1879, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire died 1880, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
  Richard born Cir 1876, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire died 1876, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
  Richard born Cir 1841, Kessingland, Lowestoft, Suffolk died 1916, Suffolk
  William James born Cir 1873, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire died 1874, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
  Eleanor born Cir 1876, North Shields, Durham died Y
  Charlotte born Cir 1872, Birmingham, Warwickshire died Y
  George born Cir 1870, Birmingham, Warwickshire died Y
  John born Cir 1849, Tanworth, Warwickshire died Y
  Ellen Faye born 25 Sep 1909 died 1 Aug 1975, Great Falls, Cascade, Montana, USA
  Emma Mary born 11 Sep 1910, Stanford, Fergus, Montana, USA died 1 Sep 2003, Great Falls, Cascade, Montana, USA
  William R. born 29 Sep 1871, Pilot Grove, Cooper, Missouri, USA died 15 Sep 1964, Fort William Henry Harrison, Lewis and Clark, Montana, USA bur. 17 Sep 1964, Kalispell, Flathead, Montana, USA
  Elizabeth born 1 Sep 1850, Keith, Banffshire, Scotland chr. 6 Oct 1850, Keith, Banffshire, Scotland died Y
  Mary Ann born Cir 1821, County Kerry, Ireland died Mar 1900, Kensington, London
  Ethel Maud born Cir 1891, Hull, Yorkshire died 1974, Birkenhead, Cheshire
  Henry Victor born Jun 1896, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk died Y
  Sophia born 12 Mar 1767, St. Gregory, Norwich, Norfolk chr. 5 Nov 1769, St. Gregory, Norwich, Norfolk died Y
  Unice E.
  Ethel Irene born Cir 1905, Perth, Western Australia died 27 Nov 1982, Kelmscott, Western Australia
  Karen S.
  Isabella Dorothy born 3 Apr 1899 died Dec 1988, Birkenhead, Cheshire
  James Alan
  Kate born Abt 1882, Ranmore Common, Surrey died Y
  Katherine Louise
  Michael Ian Robin
  Paul Johnathon
  Sharon Annette
  Yvonne Janice
  Iris Maureen born 15 Mar 1930, Folkestone, Kent died 8 Aug 2004, Chichester, Sussex
  Eliza born Cir 1799, Selby, Leeds, Yorkshire died 11 May 1862, Halifax, Yorkshire bur. 14 May 1862, St. Thomas' Churchyard, Halifax, Yorkshire
  Doris I. died Y
  Edmund born Cir 1768, Clay, Norfolk died Mar 1855, Hunworth, Norfolk
  Rebecca Hope
  Pilar Montegro
  David Bruce
  Eileen J. died Y
  Emma Roseanne
  Kai Charles
  Karli Davinia
  Mia Iris
  Ruth N. born Cir 1894 died Jun 1962, Romford, Essex
  Clarissa born Cir 1885, Norwich, Norfolk died Y
  Daniel David
  Daniel born 4 Nov 1841, Womanswold, Kent died 10 Jul 1891, Littlebourne, Kent
  Edwin Henry born 1 Jun 1868, Sandgate, Kent died Y
  Eliza born 30 Jun 1872, Nonington, Kent died 8 Aug 1921, Kent
  Ernest John born 25 Dec 1876, Nonington, Kent died Jul 1879, Nonington, Kent
  Ethel Millicent born Cir 1905, Thornton Heath, Surrey died Y
  Ethel born Cir 1886, Norwich, Norfolk died Y
  Flora Ann born 29 May 1870, Nonington, Kent died Y
  Florence born Cir 1904, Thornton Heath, Surrey died Y
  Herbert William born Cir 1882, Norwich, Norfolk died Y
  Herbert born Cir 1902, Barnsbury, Islington, London died Y
  Irene Winifred born Cir 1910, Gillingham, Kent died Y
  Ivy May born Sep 1907, Elham, Folkestone, Kent died Y
  Louis Frank born 29 Jan 1879, Nonington, Kent died Y
  Olive born 23 Sep 1874, Nonington, Kent died Y
  Rosa Maud born 20 Mar 1883, Nonington, Kent died 23 Dec 1966, Canterbury, Kent
  Thomas Croxen born Cir 1857, Hindolveston Entire, Norfolk died 1923, Norwich, Norfolk
  Albert James born 18 Nov 1920, York, Yorkshire died Dec 2002, York, Yorkshire
  Albert Victor born Cir 1896, York, Yorkshire died Mar 1954, York, Yorkshire
  Albert born Dec 1920, Camberwell, London died Y
  Alfred George born Cir 1899, London died Y
  Ann born Sep 1855, Castleford, Yorkshire died Mar 1899, Pontefract, Yorkshire
  Blanche K. born Dec 1922, York, Yorkshire died Y
  Dorothy born Cir 1893, York, Yorkshire died Y
  Elizabeth died Y
  Emily Mary A. born Jun 1882, York, Yorkshire died Y
  Ettie born Jun 1889, York, Yorkshire died Y
  Frederick Thomas born Cir 1880, York, Yorkshire died Y
  Frederick born Cir 1850, Brayton, Yorkshire died Y
  Frederick born 14 May 1913, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire died Apr 1994, Cleveland, North Yorkshire
  Henry born Cir 1890, York, Yorkshire died Y
  Laura born Dec 1884, Wakefield, Yorkshire WR died Y
  Mary Ann born Cir 1858, Ely, Cambridgeshire died Y
  Thomas born Cir 1820, Brayton, Yorkshire chr. 16 Jul 1820, Brayton, Yorkshire died Y
  Matilda born Cir 1823, Brenchley, Kent died Dec 1897, Kent
  Leonard born 4 Oct 1898, Brompton, South Australia died 21 Nov 1963, Magill, South Australia bur. 25 Nov 1963, Centenial Park, Pasadena, South Australia
  Annie born Abt 1869, Bloxwich, Staffordshire died 1964
  Suzanne Margaret
  Ann died Y
  Arthur Percy born Cir 1899, Highbury, Middlesex died Y
  Arthur Samuel born Cir 1866, Mile End, London died Y
  Derek W. G.
  Eileen E. J.
  Elizabeth born Cir 1660, Margate, Kent died Y
  Ethel Rhoda born Cir 1897, Stoke Newington, London died Y
  Gladys Bertha E. born Cir 1896, Clerkenwell, London died Y
  Jane E. born 2 Dec 1892, Bethnal Green, London died Nov 1990, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire
  Maurice S.
  William George Edward born 23 Oct 1905, Malmesbury, Wiltshire died Jun 1972, Stroud, Gloucestershire
  Helen born Abt 1772, Avondale, Lanark, Scotland died Y
  Albert Edward born Dec 1877, Bloomsbury, London died Y
  Albert William born 20 Aug 1905, Finchley, London died Y
  William Amadee born 25 Apr 1886, Bloomsbury, London died Y
  Lynn A. born 26 May 1918, Lake Shore, Utah, USA died 15 Oct 1971, Lake Shore, Utah, USA
  August Rupert born 2 Oct 1884, Cooktown, Queensland, Australia died 26 Jun 1926, Herberton, Queensland, Australia
  Bryan Paul
  Cheryl Mary born 30 Dec 1949, Herberton, Queensland, Australia died 1997, Queensland, Australia
  Darryl James
  Dorothy May born 20 Jan 1920, Herberton, Queensland, Australia died 2 Aug 2000, Cairns, Queensland, Australia
  Edward John born 11 Mar 1924, Herberton, Queensland, Australia died 7 Sep 1982, Ravenshoe, Queensland, Australia
  Gladys Mary born 1 Jun 1921, Tumoulin, Queensland, Australia died 3 Mar 2012, Cairns, Queensland, Australia
  Russell John
  Stella Maud born 12 Dec 1925, Herberton, Queensland, Australia died 4 Sep 2008
  James died Y
  Walter W. died Y
  Clarence Reginald born Sep 1889, Croydon, London died 1954, Liverpool, Lancashire
  Anna Sophia born Cir 1888, Hindringham, Norfolk died Y
  Beryl J.
  Doris Elsie born 17 Mar 1902, Raynham, Norfolk died Nov 1996, Wayland, Norfolk
  Ethel Easter born Jun 1893, Hargham, Norfolk died 14 Aug 1962, General Hospital, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire
  Florence Edith born 9 Jun 1895, Hargham, Norfolk died Mar 1990, Malvern, Worcestershire
  Gertrude Emma born Dec 1891, Stiffkey, Norfolk died Y
  James Oliver born Cir 1890, Stiffkey, Norfolk died 24 Mar 1918, Somme, France
  Jane Elizabeth born Mar 1886, Stiffkey, Norfolk died Y
  John Cotts born 17 Feb 1860, Sculthorpe, Norfolk died 8 Sep 1926, Norwich, Norfolk
  John born Cir 1884, Stiffkey, Norfolk died 1960, Hertfordshire
  Lucy born 3 Aug 1897, Middleton, Norfolk died 1 Mar 1986, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire
  Marie Olive born 23 Aug 1922, Hertfordshire died Oct 1987, Stevenage, Hertfordshire
  Sydney George born 26 Jun 1904, Whissonsett, Norfolk died Mar 1982, Stevenage, Hertfordshire
  Violet Mabel born 18 Dec 1899, Leigate, Norfolk died Mar 1975, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
  Annie Elizabeth born 13 Feb 1867, Sherriff Hutton, Malton, Yorkshire died Y
  Charles Edward born Cir 1885, Leeds, Yorkshire died Y
  Cyril James born 14 Sep 1911, Fulham, London died 1 Jul 1980, Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire
  David E.
  Edna Mary born 19 Mar 1908, Barnsley, Yorkshire WR died 12 Dec 1989, Barnsley, Yorkshire WR
  Elizabeth born Cir 1849, Leeds, Yorkshire died 1922, 6 New Bawn, Wortley, Yorkshire
  Ivor W. C.
  James Alexander born 5 Sep 1916, Whealdstone, Middlesex died 14 Oct 1985, Harrow, Middlesex
  James P.
  Jane born Cir 1864, Sheepridge, Yorkshire died Oct 1909, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
  Lesley K.
  Margaret A. A.
  Sarah born Cir 1790, Elland, Yorkshire chr. 12 Aug 1790, Rastrick, Brighouse, West Yorkshire died Y

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